Blue and Yellow Epoxy Resin and Wood Table

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This Handcrafted wood and resin table is perfect for any living room, bedroom or office. It even looks stunning outside on a patio or porch! The wood is locally sourced walnut wood with a live edge. This piece has a very a unique shape with a hollow center. Translucent teal/blue and pearlescent yellow swirl together surrounding the wood in a perfect square shape. The table base sits on 4 metal hairpin style legs. The legs are slightly adjustable.

23x23 in and 28inches tall with legs.

Resin is very durable and easy to clean so this piece is meant to last a lifetime. Simply wash with warm water and soap if needed. Avoid harsh chemicals.

The epoxy resin we use is UV resistant. This means our products are resistant to yellowing or fading from the sun. While they are safe for indoor and outdoor use, extreme high temperatures should be avoided.