Live edge Resin ocean jellyfish lamp

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This stunning multi color lamp brings the life of the ocean to your desk or bedside table. Two Uniquely shaped red cedar wood pieces creates a natural river. Translucent blue epoxy resin runs between pieces of wood. Delicate jellyfish float through this lamp/nightlight.
When turned off, the blue resin has a gold shimmer that shines through like sunlight bouncing off water. For a magical glow, turn on the LED light and let the colors fade or set to your favorite color. The colored light really enhances the beauty of the resin and wood in this piece.
The LEDs are battery operated with the controls fixed to the back of this price.
The live edge wood in this piece and on the base is locally sourced red cedar.

9 3/4in long
5 3/4in tall
3in deep

This would be a great gift for new home owners or anyone who loves the ocean! 🌊

Resin is very durable and easy to clean so this piece is meant to last a lifetime. Simply wash with warm water and soap if needed. Avoid harsh chemicals.

The epoxy resin we use is UV resistant. This means our profits are resistant to yellowing or fading from the sun. While they are safe for indoor and outdoor use, extreme high temperatures should be avoided.