Resin canvas Geode inspired oval emerald green crushed glass wall art

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This geode inspired resin oval canvas features real crystals, crushed glass, glitter and more

This oval canvas has mint, sage and emerald green tones. The iridescent and holo glitters give it flecks of blue in certain lighting. Gold accents to finish. Absolutely stunning in person

Everything is coated with high gloss resin which will enhance the beauty of the art and protect it for life.

This piece will look great hanging on any wall of your home or office. Or Add it to a frame for desk decor.

5x8.5 inches

Resin is very durable and easy to clean so this piece is meant to last a lifetime. Simply wash with warm water and soap if needed. Avoid harsh chemicals.

The epoxy resin we use is UV resistant. This means our profits are resistant to yellowing or fading from the sun. While they are safe for indoor and outdoor use, extreme high temperatures should be avoided. I’m