Resin Charcuterie Wood Serving Board with Crystals/ snack board/cheese board

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Serve anything in style on this resin and wood charcuterie serving board.
The colored swirls of resin are layered to look like a dreamy geode or agate.

This board is 9.5x9 inches plus a 4 1/4 inch handle. This also comes with three wood and metal serving utensils for cheese, meats and other accoutrements.

We treat every serving board with food grade mineral oil and natural waxes to protect the wood and enhance the shine.

These are a wonderful gift for your favorite couple, celebrating an anniversary, or any cheese board lover.

Resin is very durable and easy to clean so this piece is meant to last a lifetime. Simply wash with warm water and soap if needed. Avoid harsh chemicals. Do not wash in the dishwasher

The epoxy resin we use is UV resistant. This means our profits are resistant to yellowing or fading from the sun. While they are safe for indoor and outdoor use, extreme high temperatures should be avoided.