Resin River Table live Edge Red Cedar Slab

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This massive Resin slab futures a clear and resin rock river between two pieces of live edge red cedar. Gorgeous swirls of bronze brown pigment fill the outer edges. The clear river features river rocks and white pigment to create a wave like effect (pictured on white sheet). LED lights can be added to give the river a beautiful glow. This slab would make the perfect dining room table or extra large coffee table. You could even use this as a bartop/kitchen island. The resin is durable, and easy to clean.

1.75 inch thick and 30x40 inches

Resin is very durable and easy to clean so this piece is meant to last a lifetime. Simply wash with warm water and soap if needed. Avoid harsh chemicals.

The epoxy resin we use is UV resistant. This means our products are resistant to yellowing or fading from the sun. While they are safe for indoor and outdoor use, extreme high temperatures should be avoided.